2014 FW Hermergency Product Photo

Our Hermergency line is meant for today’s woman on the go who expects the unexpected. Take preparedness with you wherever you go in the form of a dual-purpose accessory or handy Hermergency kit that contains the essentials to handle anything from a broken nail to a dead car battery. Don’t find yourself in a “Hermergency” ill-prepared. This product line is meant to lend a hand in any “Hermergency,“ big or small.


Security On The Go

Security On The Go Product PhotoOur Security On The Go products allow you to leave home with some peace of mind even if you are under 18 and limited in what you can carry. Whether you are traveling and bringing along security for your hotel room or carting along kiddos and looking for ways to keep them safe, Damsel in Defense is proud to be able to offer great safety solutions through this product line.


Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Product PhotoPepper spray enables you to defend yourself while keeping a safe distance from an attacker. A single second burst to the face will cause temporary blindness, choking, coughing, and nausea; bringing the attacker to his knees. At 18% OC (oleoresin capsicum) and two million SHU (scoville heat units), Damsel in Defense pepper spray is one of the hottest on the market! The potency of this spray enables it to bring down the most aggressive of attacker; even those under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Stun Guns

Stun Gun Product PhotoStun Guns use high voltage and low amperage to temporarily disable an attacker for several minutes. The energy stored in the gun is dumped into the attacker’s muscles, causing them to do a great deal of work rapidly. This rapid work cycle instantly depletes the attacker’s blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid and his body is unable to function properly. The stun gun also interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that control and direct voluntary muscle movement. When the attacker’s neuromuscular system is overwhelmed and controlled by the stun gun, he loses his balance. Should the attacker be touching you, the current will NOT pass to your body! 

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