The Perks

The PerksWhat’s better than working from home and being your own boss? How about spending time with your friends and loved ones and calling it your job?! Oh ya, and let’s not forget playing a vital part in keeping them safe. It doesn’t get much better than this!

National statistics suggest that at a twelve person home party two of those women will at some time in their lives wish they had something to defend themselves. Our Damsel Pros consider it a privilege to equip these women before they become a statistic. We encourage home parties, but even more than that we encourage Pros to get out into the community. Get into Real Estate offices where agents are showing homes to complete strangers. Or hair salons where stylists are in store fronts late at night. Waitresses and bartenders are walking to their cars with cash on them feeling vulnerable every night. College aged girls are four times more likely to be attacked, join us and get to your local campuses! Crime is an epidemic that is not going away and the women in your community need your help!