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Prom Power!

Prom Power! The "Handle It" clutch is back! We know the anticipation has been great since releasing our "Handle It" clutch in the Too Hot To Handle February bundle, so we brought it back!

The clutch will be available until we run out, but quantities are limited so contact a Damsel Pro to get yours now! To locate a Damsel Pro CLICK HERE.

Prom Power Bundle


Get Away - Damsel's Spring Break Bundle

Get Away, Damsel in Defense's Spring Break Bundle is available for a limited time for only $30! Get Away helps to keep you or your loved ones safe where ever your travels take you!

Get Away is available for only the month of March so don't delay! Contact a Damsel Pro to order your Spring Break Bundle today! 

Get Away Spring Break Bundle


View From A Diamond

Trish RomandiaTrish Romandia - Damsel's First Ever Diamond Director!

I’ll never forget the day I made the decision to become the fourth Independent Damsel Pro for Damsel In Defense. After 30 years of running a preschool I was ready for change. I love kids, but it was time. I asked God to give me direction and on December 17, 2011 he answered. I promised myself that day I would give it everything I had, never give up and never look back. I set goals for myself, and executed. Day after day, party after party I worked my butt off and I did it with a Damsel’s smile on my face. I went out into my community and let people know about the company and our mission. People were so excited about the products and opportunity which gave me even more motivation. I was on my way. My goal was to retire and replace my income. I wanted time to spend with my beautiful daughters, to catch up on my American Idol and I wanted to feel like I had an even bigger purpose.

On October 16, 2012 after a year of hard work growing my Damsel in Defense business I gave the last child to leave and his Mom a big hug and waved them off. The doors of Trishy’s Preschool were officially closed. I had achieved my goal and I was retired. It was a magical moment in my life, bittersweet but truly magical indeed. For the first time in 30 years I had freedom. I put that freedom to good use and continued to expand my team, reach out to businesses, do more events and before I knew it I had changed my life. With the help and support of an amazing home office, corporate team and one of the most powerful group of people I’ve ever worked with I reached Diamond Director level this month. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I logged into the back office and saw the numbers. In less than two years Damsel In Defense has given me the ability to go after something BIG and succeed. Thank you Bethany and Mindy for launching such an amazing company.

To all of the women (and men!!) who are about to join me in the Diamond circle... hurry it up! It won’t be a party without you. You all are amazing, talented and beautiful people and it has been truly an honor to call so many of you friends. To all my Damsel sisters, present and future, who are embarking on this special journey - don’t give up, keep your eyes on the target. Empower others and always remember your mission. If this mom of five and preschool teacher of 30 years can go from diapers to Diamond - SO CAN YOU!



Damsel In Defense Press Release

DVA-BundleIn honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Damsel In Defense, a Meridian, ID based company offered a promotional Domestic Violence Awareness Special in an effort to both raise awareness and also create an opportunity for our company along with our 1,200 plus Nationwide Independent Representatives and their customers to participate in giving back.

Our hard working Independent Damsel Representatives sold over 350 Domestic Violence Awareness Bundles and as a result, Damsel In Defense is proud to be able to donate $1,000 from this successful promotion! Damsel In Defense’s charity organization of choice for this event was RAINN.org, the Nation’s Largest Anti-Sexual Violence Organization.